Redhead Michelle lesbian foursome

In this redhead Michelle lesbian foursome she is joined by 2 of the hottest young pornstars around, Caprice and Angelica. Plus a lucky 4th who is quickly making a name for herself, Keira. When these 4 gorgeous pornstars got together it started out as erotic and sensual. Then Michelle starts kissing Keira and suddenly things heat up. Caprice goes for the nearest girl which turns out to be Angelica. Watching these 2 as they start making out is enough to turn anyone on. Then they, with Michelle decides Keira needs some attention and all 3 of them focus on her.

When the other 3 gang up on Keira, she lies back and spreads her legs for Michelle to climb between. Check it out in the gallery Redhead Michelle lesbian foursome

Once things turn sexual, it isn’t long before the toys come out, then it’s fingers, toys and tongues pleasuring all 4 pussies. As always there is a HD video to go with this erotic photo gallery, watch the full The Red Fox lesbian foursome at

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